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Machinery & Electronic
Industry sector (HS Code) Chapters [84] - [85] Machinery & Electronic
Number of companies 1942
Location Worldwide
  You can refine your search by Industry Sector below.
Refine by Industry Sector [Chapters 84-85] Number of companies
Nuclear Reactors; Machinery and Apparatus for Isotopic Separation
Steam or Other Vapour Generating Boilers, Super-heated Water Boilers
Central Heating Boilers
Auxiliary Plant for Use With Boilers, Condensers for Steam Power Units
Producer Gas or Water Gas Generators, Acetylene Gas Generators
Steam Turbines and Other Vapour Turbines
Spark-ignition Internal Combustion Piston Engines (Reciprocating, Rotary)
Compression-ignition Internal Combustion Piston Engines
Parts of Internal Combustion Piston Engines
Hydraulic Turbines, Water Wheels, and Regulators Thereof
Turbo-jets, Turbo-propellers and Other Gas Turbines
Other Engines and Motors
Pumps for Liquids, Liquid Elevators
Air or Vacuum Pumps, Air or Other Gas Compressors, Fans, and Hoods
Air Conditioning Machines
Furnace Burners, Mechanical Stokers (Including Mechanical Grates and the Like)
Industrial or Laboratory Furnaces and Ovens, Non-electric
Refrigerators, Freezers, Heat Pumps
Apparatus for Treatment of Materials By Temperature
Calendering or Other Rolling Machines, Other than for Metals or Glass
Centrifuges; Filtering or Purifying Machinery and Apparatus
Dish Washing Machines, Machinery for Cleaning, Drying, Filling or Closing
Weighing Machinery, Weighing Machine Weights of All Kinds
Fire Extinguishers; Spray Guns; Steam or Sand Blasting Machines
Pulley Tackle and Hoists; Winches and Capstans; Jacks
Ships' Derricks; Cranes; Mobile Lifting Frames Straddle Carriers & Works Trucks
Fork-lift Trucks; Other Works Trucks
Other Lifting, Handling, Loading or Unloading Machinery
Bulldozers, Angledozers, Graders, Levellers, Scrapers, Excavators
Boring Machinery; Pile-drivers and Pile-extractors; Snowplows and Snowblowers
Parts of Pulley Tackle, Derricks, Cranes, Lifts, Conveyors and Pile-driver
Agricultural, Horticultural or Forestry Machinery for Soil Preparation
Harvesting or Threshing Machinery; Grass or Hay Mowers
Milking Machines and Dairy Machinery
Presses, Crushes and Similar Machinery for Wine Making, Cider Making
Other Agricultural, Horticultural, Forestry or Poultry-keeping Machinery
Machines for Cleaning, Sorting or Grading Seed or Grain
Machinery for the Industrial Preparation or Manufacture of Food
Machinery for Making Cellulosic Pulp, Paper or Paperboard
Book-binding Machinery
Other Machinery for Making up Paper Pulp, Paper or Paperboard
Machinery, Apparatus and Equipment, for Type-founding or Type-setting
Printing Machinery; Machines for Uses Ancillary to Printing
Machines for Extruding, Drawing, Texturing or Cutting Man-made Textiles
Machines for Preparing Textile Fibres; Spinning or Doubling Machines
Weaving Machines (Looms)
Knitting Machines, Stitch-bonding Machines, Machines for Tufting
Parts, Accessories of Typewriters & Office Machines
Machinery for the Manufacture or Finishing of Felt or Nonwovens
Household or Laundry-type Washing Machines
Machinery for Washing, Cleaning, Wringing or Coating Textile Yarns
Sewing Machines & Needles; Furniture for Sewing Machines
Machinery for Preparing, Tanning or Working Hides, Skins or Leather
Converters, Ladles, Ingot Moulds and Casting Machines
Metal-rolling Mills and Rolls Thereof
Machine-tools Operated By Laser, Ultrasonic or Electron Beam Processes
Machining Centres, Unit Construction Machines, for Working Metal
Lathes for Removing Metal
Machine-tools for Drilling, Boring, Milling or Tapping By Removing Metal
Machine-tools for Deburring, Sharpening, Grinding, Honing or Lapping
Machine-tools for Planing, Shaping, Slotting, Broaching or Gear Cutting
Machine-tolls for Working Metal By Forging, Hammering or Die-stamping
Other Machine-tools for Working Metal, Without Removing Materials
Machine-tools for Working Mineral Materials or for Cold Working Glass
Machine-tools for Working Wood, Cork, Bone or Similar Hard Materials
Parts and Accessories of Machine-tools; Tool Holders
Tools for Working in the Hand
Machinery and Apparatus for Soldering, Brazing or Welding
Typewriters and Word-processing Machines
Machines for (Calculating, Accounting , Postage-franking)& Similar Ones; Cash Registers
Automatic Data Processing Machines; Computer Hardware; Magnetic or Optical Readers
Other Office Machines (Duplicating Machines, Addressing Machines)
Parts, Accessories, of Typewriters, Calculating Machines or Teletax
Machinery for Sorting, Screening, Separating, Washing, Crushing or Mixing
Machines for Assembling Electric or Electronic Lamps, Tubes or Valves
Automatic Goods-vending Machines, Including Money-changing Machines
Machinery for Working Rubber or Plastics
Machinery for Preparing or Making up Tobacco
Machines and Mechanical Appliances Having Individual Functions
Moulding Boxes for Metal Foundry; Mould Bases; Moulding Patterns
Taps, Cocks, Valves and Similar Appliances for Pipes, Tanks or the Like
Ball or Roller Bearings
Transmission Shafts, Cranks, Bearing Housings, Gears, Gearing, Clutches
Gaskets and Similar Joints of Metal Sheeting
Machinery Parts, Not Containing Electrical Features
Electric Motors and Generators (Excluding Generating Sets)
Electric Generating Sets Rotary Converters
Parts, of Motors, of Generators, of Generating Sets, of Rotary Converters
Electrical Transformers, Static Converters and Inductors
Electromagnets; Permanent Magnets; Magnet Chucks AND Clamps
Primary Cells and Primary Batteries
Electric Accumulators
Tools for Working in the Hand, With Self-contained Electric Motor
Electromechanical Domestic Appliances, Self-contained Electric Motor
Shavers and Hair Clippers, With Self-contained Electric Motor
Electrical Ignition or Starting Equipment, for Inter Combustion Engines
Electrical Lighting or Signalling Equipment, Windscreen Wipers, Demister
Portable Electric Lamps
Industrial or Laboratory Electric Furnaces and Ovens
Soldering, Brazing or Welding Machines and Apparatus
Electric Heaters; Other Electrothermic Appliances for Domestic Purpose
Electrical Apparatus for Line Telephony or Line Telegraphy
Microphones, Loudspeakers, Headphones, Audio-frequency Electric Amplifier
Turntables, Record-players and Other Sound Reproducing Apparatus
Magnetic Tape Recorders and Other Sound Recording Apparatus
Video Recording or Reproducing Apparatus, Whether or Not Incorporating a Video Tuner
Parts and Accessories of Apparatus of Sound Reproducing or Recording
Prepared Unrecorded Media for Sound Recording
Records, Tapes and Other Recorded Media
Transmission Apparatus; Television Cameras
Radar Apparatus, Radio Navigational Aid Apparatus and Radio Remote Control Apparatus
Reception Apparatus for Radio-broadcasting
Television Receivers (Including Video Monitors and Video Projectors)
Parts of Transmission Apparatus, Radar Apparatus, Television Receivers
Electrical Signalling, Safety or Traffic Control Equipment
Electric Sound or Visual Signalling Apparatus (Bells, Sirens)
Electrical Capacitors, Fixed Variable or Adjustable (Pre-set)
Electrical Resistors, Other than Heating Resistors
Printed Circuits
Electrical Apparatus for Switching or Protecting Electrical Circuits
Electrical Apparatus for Switching or Protecting Electrical Circuits
Bases for Electric Control or the Distribution of Electricity
Parts Switches, Automatic Circuit Breakers, Relays or Connector
Electric Filament or Discharge Lamps; Arc Lamps
Thermionic, Cold Cathode or Photo-cathode Valves and Tubes
Diodes, Transistors and Similar Semi-conductor Devices
Electronic Integrated Circuits and Microassemblies
Electrical Machines and Apparatus, Having Individual Functions
Insulated Wire, Cable and Other Insulated Electric Conductors
Carbon Electrodes, Carbon Brushes, Lamp Carbons, Battery Carbons
Electrical Insulators of Any Material
Insulating Fittings for Electrical Machines; Electrical Conduit Tubing
Electrical Parts of Machinery or Apparatus
1942   Companies Found Showing Page:   of 39
Sparold Technologies Private Limited [India]
[EXPORTER][Trading Company ]
Sparold Offers a full suite of Engineering Procurement Services for all Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Projects either as a single service or complete turnkey solution.
13/15,1st Cross, [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are the manufacturers of Electrical distribution transformers rating raning from 25KVA to 1500KVA with 11KV,22KV,33KV class both oil cooled and dry type. We have the type test certificat from the government testing laboratories.
Accurate Ampere [India]
[EXPORTER][Distributor / Wholesaler]
We are India's Largest Distributors of all kinds of Batteries Including CNC Machine Batteries,Lithuim Ion(Li Ion),Lithuim polymer(Li PO),Lithuim Thynachloride(Li SoCl2),Lithuim, Nickel Cadmuim(Nicd),Nickel Metal Hydride(Nimh),Lead Acid,Alkaline Batteries.
Aditya Transformer & Switchgears [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Manufacturer & exporter of distribution & power transformers.
AH Power Internationl p ltd [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
transmission line materials insulators and hardware
AInternational [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler]
We are very glad to introduce ourselves as pioneer Indian Company specializing & engaged in international business. We at AInternational are into multifaceted activities to accomplish our goals of establishing an outstanding position in the global market.
Akshar Enterprise [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler]
We are manufacturer of packing machinery, teflon belts, and submersible pump.
Akshha Products [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
We deals in chemical process centrifugal pumps,industrial valves,pharmaceutical chemicals ,worm gear boxes,helical gear boxes,pharmaceutical plant (hvac,evaporative cooling ventilation projects/humdififcation,scrubbers,dust extracters,pharma sterile equ)
Alfa Technocrat [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are newly established orgnisation for manufacturing of Dia-Moulds, precision Auto parts and Machine Parts. We have Well-equipped workshop with CNC Vertical Machining Centre.
Amit Electricals [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Amit Electricals Established in 1978 is one of leading manufactures of Induction Motor, Electrical Bench Grinder, Electrical Bench Polisher Machine, Electrical Shaft Grinder Machine and Coolent Pumps. In brand Name Atlas.
Amit Mechnicals And Equipments [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are manufacturer of all kind of prcision machinery parts aswell as requirement of our clients. We having all of facilites with our intligent vendor bank of various field.
Ammu Industries [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
We manufacture and export drum cap seal crimping tool (pneumatic and manual) for 2" and 3/4" cap seal. Our tools are rugged in design, light weight and offer excellent workmanship. We are in business for 35 years and our tools are exported worldwide.
Amolik Precsion Machines [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are the manufacturer of double disc grinding machine, roll forming machine, flat lapping machine, gauging & sorting machine & special purpose machines such as wire formers, doctors blade grinder, centre less grinder & etc.
APC India Pvt. Ltd. [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
APC in the manufacturing of UPS, Cooling Service, IT Products. APC is the part of Schneider Electric and No.1 world wide in sales.
Aple Enterprise [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Broker / Agent, Trading Company ]
We manufacture: Speaking Token/Queuing Display for Single and Multi Counter, Multi Queue Token Printer, Custom Design Displays, Hardware, Softwares, Speech/Voice Circuits, Electronic Fan/Light Dimmer, Electronic Musical Door Bells & Chime, Design Consult.
Arjun Technologies India Ltd [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Broker / Agent, Trading Company ]
We are dealing in Paper industry, we manufacture and sell equipments and machineries for paper industry. we also have some agencies for some European companies
Ashirvad Industries [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Phamaceutical machinery manufacturer sir, we are manufacturing augur type powder / granules filling machines /sealling machines ( screw capping machines ) / sticker labelling machines also we are manufacturing oral liquide filling.
Asia Machines [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
We introduce ourselves as a leading supplier of industrial machineries i.e.: lathe, milling, power press, press brake, shearing, plate bending, pillar & radial drills, surface & cylindrical grinders, shaping, metal cutting power hacksaw & bandsaw etc.
Austin Bearings Ltd. [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
INDIA'S Leading manufacturer of water pump bearings Bearings feature:- double leap seal (as koyo), en-31 and sae52100 bearing steel, greese and oil imported A+ grade steel ball capacity:-100000 per month and can produce according to drawing and sample.
B.R.Enterprises [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Sunrise is a symbol of quality, reliability & perfection in irrigation & power generation. Sunrise is having a sales & service net work at over 400 authorised centers speeded through out India.
Bhuwal Insulation Cable Private Limited [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We would like to introduce ourself as manufacturers and exporters of ptfe cables,teflon insulated cables,rubber cables,welding cables,fibreglass cables,etc
Bluei Store [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Distributor / Wholesaler]
We are dealing in mobile accessories, car accessories and cctv cameras. if you are interested and want to increase your business then contact us.
Br Hardware [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Retailer, Broker / Agent, Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
We are manufacturers of safety items used in industries in india We want to start to export to canada with our good quality and low prices
Braco Electricals (India) Pvt. Ltd. [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We introduce our selves as manufacturers of cable glands, lugs & crimping tools since 1977. Kindly send us your enquiry.
Business With India [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Broker / Agent]
Business with India has been in the service of Switchgear Industry for more than seven years. The scope of providing consultancy services ranges from recommending Agents, Distributors, Joint Venture Partners, OEM Customers & Placement services. The inn
Capital Engineering Corpn [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are manufacturer & exporters of Precision Spindles for all types of machines
Champion Filters Mfg. Co. [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Manufacturer & Exporter of Industrial Filters, Strainers, Automatic Strainers, Filter Cartridges, Air Filters, Filter Screens, Media, Wire Mesh, Flip Flow, Water Intake Screens, Simplex Duplex Systems...
Chintal Brass Products [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Trading Company ]
Chintal Brass Products located in western part of India in the state of Gujarat in Jamnagar town at Gujarat industrial development corporation estate. We, at Chintal Brass Products, manufacture complete range of brass turned parts/components.
Choksi Group [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are group of companies manufacturing various industrial based items like gears, transformers, cooling towers & many more. Besides industrial items we do wind farm developments & solar energy too. Please contact us for more details.
Continental Tradelinks [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Broker / Agent]
Dear Sir, We would like to introduce our selves.We are continental Tradelink company with head office in mumbai and branch office in china.if you want import directly to china then please contact our mumbai head office. 9821217009
Coretech [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Government, Retailer, Broker / Agent, Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
We are one of the leading suppliers for the breather valves & flame arresters, based in the western region of India, 400 kms from the city of Mumbai. We excel in tank mounting safety equipments, which includes flame arresters & breather valves.
D K Enterprises [India]
[EXPORTER][Distributor / Wholesaler]
We are the leading Manufacturer, Exporter, Wholesaler and Supplier of a qualitative assortment of Agriculture Implement, Agriculture Machine, Agro - Industrial Implement, Agricultural Equipment, Utility Trolley etc.
Daksh Enggineer. [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Broker / Agent]
Daksh engineering is a company located at 40 km. away from the Baroda . we are manufacturing Automotive components . we have a sheet metal work ahving a mechanical and hydraullic presses and press break. have a engineering and MBA background.
Darshan Sales Enterprises [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Manufacturer and expoter of Darshan range of machinery, viz. corrugated box stitching machines, heavy duty stitching machines die cutting machines, 4 bar rotary cutting & slitting machines, heavy duty eccentric slotters, etc.
Deepankuram Synergies [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Government, Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
Deepankuram deals with Alternators(Industrial and Special Class) , Generators. Steam Turbines, Marine Engines.
Dev Enterprise [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Food products, stationery, auto parts, machinery.
Dupro Engineering Private Limited. [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Dupro Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a vibrant company, known for technically advanced solutions, being offered to industries for their complex requirement for Fluid Handling Equipments and Material Handling Equipments as well as leading Exporters
Dynamic Engineering Works [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Manufacturer of All type of Gearbox.
Efftronics Systems Pvt. Ltd. [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We are manufacturers of LED based electronics display systems and data logging systems for railways.
Eros Elevators Pvt. Ltd. [India]
[IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Export of complete elevator systems and components.
E-Technologies [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
E-TECHNOLOGIES has In-House R&D, managed by highly motivated, professionally qualified and experienced world class team of professionals, headed by IITians.
Fairdeal Corporates Sales And Services [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Retailer, Distributor / Wholesaler, Trading Company ]
Mfg. And Supplier Of Wind Mill Backup Systems, Solar Backup System, Solar Street Light, Solar Lantens, Solar Inverters, Solar Cooker And Other Allied Products
FluidFit Engineers [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
Fluidfit Engineers indias leading manufacturer & exporter of tubefitting,pipe fitting,valve etc as per astm, Din etc Our product are interchangable with brand like Swagelok, product are exported to USA,Germany,Sweden,Canada etc
Ganesh Tractors & Automobiles [India]
[EXPORTER][Distributor / Wholesaler]
We at M Power Machines are one of the leading distributors of multi purpose engines for industrial, commercial & agricultural applications. We have a wide range of engines from various makes available. Spare parts are also readily available at good price.
Ganpati Heald & Spares [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We manufacture wire healds, jacquard healds, tape healds, leno healds, flat healds, doup healds spring type healds and droppers for textile, carpet, jute and woven sack industry. We specialize in wire healds and spare parts for woven sack industry.
Global Engineering Technologies (Packaging) [India]
[EXPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer ]
We have great pleasure to introduce our company as one of the leading manufacturer and exporters of packaging machineries like: shrink packing machine, volumetric liquid filling machine - semi-automatic - fully automatic lines.
Gravita Exim Ltd. [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Manufacturer / Producer , Distributor / Wholesaler]
We are supplier of Lead Recycling Plant & machines with complete Pollution Control Equipments with expeince of past 2 decades. Gravita Exim Ltd. a Design / Engineering Consultants for Battery Recycling Plants, who provides comprehensive Turnkey Solution
Hariyana Tractors [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
Hariyana Tractors was formed in 1972.With its long time experience and hard work , it has been successful in supplying good quality products to its clients.It deals with undercarraige spare parts and is also supplying to more than 100 tea gardens in India
Hewlett-Packard India Sales Pvt. Ltd. [India]
It gives me immense pleasure to introduce myself as the HP-SMB Account Manager. I will be working to address your specific requirements: Hardware's you want to procure i.e. (HP-- Desktops; Notebooks; Servers; Printers, plotters, Handheld).
Imerial Impex [India]
[EXPORTER] [IMPORTER][Trading Company ]
Meanly our company is buyer company and we are buying textile machines, agricultural equipments from foreign countries. So any seller intersted to sell their machines and wants to export in india so please contact us
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