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Exporter & Importer
Broker / Agent
Ramom Overseas
Mr. Sandesh Dabas
Wz 20 Shunnamal Park East Punjabi Bagh
New Delhi, Delhi
Tel: 91 11 28315555
Fax: 91 11 28312109
Key Figures
Years in Business 16
Annual Revenue USD 100 - 500 Thousand
Employees 6 - 10
Company Profile
We are Primarily a Import house with its intreasts in F&B products, we are in this business from past five years and represent many global brands in India. We look forward for all exciting opportunities in F&B trade and stocklots
Product(s) we Sell
Target Export Market(s)
Product(s) we Buy
[170490 ] Other Sugar Confectionery, Not Containing Cocoa
[170410 ] Chewing Gum
[180610 ] Cocoa Powder (Containing Added Sugar or Other Sweetening Matter)
[180620 ] Other Preparations (Containing Chocolate & Cocoa-weighing More than 2kg)
[180631 ] Food Preparations Containing Cocoa (In Block, Slab, Bar Form; Filled)
[180632 ] Food Preparations Containing Cocoa (In Block, Slab, Bar Form; Not Filled)
[180690 ] Cocoa Preparations (In Containers, Packings, in Liquid, Powder, Granular Form)
[180100 ] Cocoa Beans (Whole or Broken)
[180200 ] Cocoa Shells, Husks, Skins and Other Cocoa Waste
[180310 ] Cocoa Paste (Not Defatted)
[180320 ] Cocoa Paste (Wholly or Partly Defatted)
[180400 ] Cocoa Butter (Fat and Oil)
[180500 ] Cocoa Powder (Not Containing Added Sugar or Other Sweetening Matter)
[200799 ] Jams, Jellies, Puree, Paste of Fruit (Other than Citrus Fruit), Nuts
[200791 ] Jams, Fruit Jellies, Marmalades, Puree, Paste of Citrus Fruit
[200710 ] Homogenised Preparations of Fruit or Nuts
[200911 ] Orange Juice (Frozen)
[200919 ] Orange Juice (Other than Frozen)
[200920 ] Grapefruit Juice
[200930 ] Juice of Any Other Single Citrus Fruit
[200940 ] Pineapple Juice
[200950 ] Tomato Juice
[200960 ] Grape Juice (Including Grape Must)
[200970 ] Apple Juice
[200980 ] Juice of Any Other Single Fruit or Vegetable
[200990 ] Mixtures of Juice (Of Fruit, Vegetable)
Target Import Market(s)
Products and Services
Ramom Overseas provides the following products and services:
confectionery, chocolates, beverage, alchohal, juices, F&B, stocklots, cookies, canned food, processed food
Notice:  The Company Profile Information above has been provided to us directly from Ramom Overseas. If you find discrepancies with any information from this company please contact us immediately.
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