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Exporter & Importer
Manufacturer / Producer
Bhuwal Insulation Cable Private Limited
Mr. Pritesh Mehta
108, Ardeshir Dady Street, Ravindra Villa,
1st Floor, Near C. P. Tank Circle,
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Tel: 91 22 9930028010
Fax: 91 22 23809236
Key Figures
Years in Business 45
Annual Revenue USD 1 - 2 Million
Employees 11 - 50
Company Profile
We offer a wide range of durable and long lasting cable wires that fulfill various requirements of many industries. Our varied assortments include both the simplest constructions to the complicated wire designs. Our range of cables can be availed with various properties such as flexible, multi-colored etc. We are specialized in manufacturing:
-High Temperature Cables◦Fiber Glass Cables & Sleeves in 'B' , 'F' & 'H' Class
- Teflon® Wires
- Silicon Rubber Insulated Cables / Wires & Sleeves
- Glass / Mica / S. S. Braided Cable Suitable Up to 400 Degree.
- PTFE Sleeves
- Fiber Glass Insulating Materials
- Insulated Wire Neoprene Rubber

- Fiber Glass Cables
- Silicon Rubber Insulated Cables
- Copper Braided Flexible Strip
Product(s) we Sell
[841510 ] Air Conditioning Machines, Window or Wall Types, Self-contained
[841410 ] Vacuum Pumps
[841440 ] Air Compressors Mounted On a Wheeled Chassis for Towing
[848320 ] Bearing Housing, Incorporating Ball or Roller Bearings
[848330 ] Bearing Housings; Plain Shaft Bearings
[848340 ] Gears and Gearing; Ball Screws; Gear Boxes and Other Speed Changers
[848510 ] Ships Propellers and Blades Thereof
[848590 ] Other Machinery Parts, Not Containing Electrical Features
[844811 ] Dobbies and Jacquards; Card Reducing, Coping or Punching Machines
[844819 ] Other Auxiliary Machinery of Weaving Machines or Knitting Machines
[844820 ] Parts of Machines for Extruding, Drawing or Texturing Man-made Textiles
[844831 ] Card Clothing
[844832 ] Other Pats and Accessories of Machines for Preparing Textile Fibres
[844833 ] Spindles, Spindle Flyers, Spinning Rings and Ring Travellers
[844839 ] Parts and Accessories of Spinning, Doubling or Twisting Machines
[844841 ] Shuttles
[844842 ] Reeds for Looms, Healed and Heald-frames
[844849 ] Other Parts of Weaving Machines or of Their Auxiliary Machinery
[844851 ] Sinkers, Needles and Other Articles Used in Forming Stitches
[844859 ] Other Parts of Knitting Machines, Lace Machines or Embroidery Machines
[844711 ] Circular Knitting Machines With Cylinder Diameter Not Exceeding 165mm
[844712 ] Circular Knitting Machines With Cylinder Diameter Exceeding 165mm
[844720 ] Flat Knitting Machines; Stitch-bonding Machines
[844790 ] Machines for Making Gimped Yarn, Tulle, Lace, Embroidery, Trimmings or Net
[848210 ] Ball Bearings
[848280 ] Other Bearings, Including Combined Ball or Roller Bearings
[848291 ] Balls, Needles and Rollers
Target Export Market(s)
Product(s) we Buy
Target Import Market(s)
Products and Services
Bhuwal Insulation Cable Private Limited provides the following products and services:
teflon wire, silicon wire, high temp wire, rubber wire, rope, electrical wires, fibreglass wire
tata electrical
reliance power
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